Self Regard

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

–Eleanor Roosevelt

Self-regard means behaving in ways that reflect how good you feel about yourself; accepting yourself, warts and all. Self-regard arises from, contributes to and shares properties with self-worth, self-respect, self-confidence and feelings of adequacy. These terms are often used interchangeably. Positive self-regard frees up considerable mental and emotional energy to focus on higher-level interpersonal and personal experiences. If you are feeling pretty good about yourself, then it is much easier to interact with others even if they are behaving negatively in some way; you experience less need to be defensive. It is easier for you to express yourself authentically — your feelings, needs, wants, opinions, you name it — when it seems appropriate to you for you to do that. You also are in a much better position to see yourself more accurately and to use that knowledge to grow.

Self-regard can be learned, and developed by following the tips like these from

If you or someone with whom you work exhibit these behaviors, seeking the advice and tips at provides a quick remedy:

  • False or inaccurate self-assessment
  • Overly self-critical
  • Paying more attention to what’s not working than to what is
  • Limited appreciation, resources or time for assessment
  • Feeling compelled to get to the next task before reflecting on and enjoying successes

Action learning tips and learning assignments on the job are a click away at

You might also consider (a sampling of suggestions from

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