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EQ Dashboard gives you a practical approach to improving emotional intelligence

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Know strengths. Know opportunities.

Your Emotional Intelligence is reflected in your behaviors across 54 EQ competencies. Use multiple discovery paths to understand your unique EQ Agility profile and focus on pragmatic ways to achieve your goals.

Behavior Benchmarks

Learn about how effective EQ behaviors are defined and consider how you stack up.

Action Tips

Go beyond just understanding. For targeted development areas, learn specific actions you can take.

360 Feedback

Feedback is a gift. Optionally invite others to support your journey.

Coach support

Our certified EQ Agility coaches can provide support and feedback along your journey.

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  • Learn about EQ
  • Assess your EQ Agility
  • Get 360 feedback
  • Access action tips

Team Coaching and Workshops

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  • Add a team workshop 
  • Get individual coaching
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