Competency Rating

Self-assessment and multi-rater feedback

For selected competencies, you provide feedback on skill level and development priorities. To support more accurate ratings, each competency includes examples of unskilled, skilled, and highly skilled behaviors.
EQ Profile Report Example

Personalized EQ profile

View an emotional competency profile that combines self-ratings, multi-raters, and research-based personality factors to enhance self-awareness and set development priorities.

EQ Action Tips

Targeted action tips

View and select targeted action tips based on development priorities to create a personalized plan. Each action tip provides a developmental perspective and suggests pragmatic actions to become more effective.

Action Items

Create and manage an action item list with specific points-to-remember and development tasks.

Automated email reminders

Stay engaged with email insights, personalized for you, to keep you on track and allow for regular status updates.

Pick the solution right for your needs

Individual Edition

The EQ Dashboard provides a simple solution to understand your unique EQ profile and access personalized insights and action tips to be more effective. We give you the option to explore EQ Dashboard on your own or with a certified coach.

Professional Development Edition

If you want to develop your team, coach others, or support leadership programs, the EQ Dashboard provides an innovative and scalable solution to personalize EQ skill development. Access comprehensive administrative and coaching features, resources and training.

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