Intuition: The root of this word in Latin means “to see within” or “to contemplate.” And both of those processes, to look within and to reflect, are important aspects of developing Intuition. Using your Intuition involves accessing your inner wisdom and checking it against something more tangible or concrete. It can often improve decision-making and increase your ability to understand people and situations. Intuition can provide that creative spark for a great idea or visionary inspiration. There is even evidence that Intuition has the potential to save your life or prevent serious injury because you listen to that nagging voice inside saying, stop, or don’t go there, or turn around, etc. However, benefiting from Intuition requires the trust to listen to this inner guidance when there is often little logic to support it.

If any of these behaviors are true of you or associates with whom you work, you’ll find action tips at

  • Engages in wishful thinking, confuses fantasy with insight
  • Guesses rather than spending time developing that inner knowing, leading to undisciplined, impulsive and rash decisions
  • Projects opinions, thoughts and judgments onto others and calls it a “sixth sense” or intuitive knowing
  • Avoids taking risks or takes too many; not sure what to trust
  • Overly focuses on rational and fact-based thinking to the detriment of innovative process

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