Insightfulness comes from being curious and intuitive. It requires you to be reflective and relentlessly honest with yourself. Curiosity motivates you to notice the world about you. Being reflective leads you to notice your reactions as well as others’ to the world and to hypothesize about the implications of those reactions. The Intuitive piece of this equation takes you beyond what’s obvious. It invites you to speculate beyond the concrete evidence. And when practiced frequently enough, Insightfulness becomes sharper and more accurate.

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  • Makes observations that are predominately obvious, superficial, simplistic, concrete or literal
  • Neglects to consider that things might not be as they appear
  • Appears disinterested in underlying causes of events and behaviors
  • Describes events as discrete rather than seeing the relationships among them
  • Describes limited experience from which to draw insights

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You might also consider (a sampling of suggestions from

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