EQ Will Save Your Life. Oh, and Money Too. The ‘ROI’ for Brain Training.

EQ can save you, well not with a helicopter exactly. It’s actually better than that.

EQ doesn’t just save healthcare costs (up to $2,000 per employee, more on that in a minute) it will actually save your life. Deepak Chopra lends his voice to the cause of EQ, in his recent post on LinkedIn. The popular new age author, and alternative medicine advocate, Dr. Chopra shared news from Yale researchers offering (more) proof that Emotional Intelligence is likely to save your life. The Yale research tells us that, “patients who told the researchers that they felt loved and emotionally supported generally exhibited less blockage in their coronary arteries, the main cause of heart attacks and strokes.”


Chopra also cites similar outcomes at University of Texas, Case Western, and from Sweden, adding:

“wellness is a holistic state embracing mind and body. The one is just as critical as the other, because thanks to the mind-body connection, there is a constant exchange of information between body and mind, thoughts and cells. This fact can be the basis for a higher state of wellness that lasts a lifetime.”

We recommend pairing these insights with attention to the Emotional Competencies: Understanding Others, and Compassion

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And if you’re still finding yourself more interested in the bottom-line, which you should manage better since you may live radically longer lives, we also know that “Aetna found that instituting mindfulness practices reduced healthcare costs by $2,000 per employee.” Apple, Nike and Google know that secret too.

Pair this with the Emotional Competencies: Mindfulness, and Intentionality

Save your life ✅

Productivity up ✅

Healthcare costs down ✅

Are you convinced now that there’s an ROI for brain-training? What are you waiting for?


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