Honesty and transparency are praised and asked for, especially for those leading others. The capacity to do so is personal Authenticity.

Authenticity is found in leaders and individuals who live according to their values and beliefs. Achieving Authenticity depends on knowing yourself and then acting with integrity and consistency when sharing your thoughts, feelings and opinions with others. Whatever your role — leader, parent, manager or friend — as you communicate with honesty and genuineness, others will find you Authentic.

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If you or someone with whom you work exhibits these behaviors, provides a remedy:

  • Says one thing and does another
  • Tries too hard to please others; is chameleon-like, trying to fit in
  • Manipulates the truth. Spinmeister!
  • Fakes feelings, pretends to be someone or something different, exaggerates the truth

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You might also consider (a sampling of suggestions from

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