An Emotionally Intelligent Approach

EQ Dashboard is an Emotionally-Intelligent Approach to Emotional Intelligence Development. Why? Our focus is on developing and enriching the behaviors that matter in effectiveness and well-being RATHER than providing a single score of comparison with a mythical norm group. This is a significant difference.

To “judge” the level of emotional intelligence of an individual is inherently not emotionally intelligent.  Why would telling someone that he or she has less or more EQ than the average person benefit them?  In fact, it does great harm.  If it is higher, then I don’t have much to work on…..which could be severely career limiting if the score is not reflective of actual behavior.  If it is lower, ” oh well.”  To make matters worse, this entire comparison is based on a self-report of how much EQ I have [ as opposed to getting feedback on how my EQ behaviors impact those around me ] .

Scientifically, there are legions of studies showing that on matters of relationships, people are notoriously off base.  They may think they are empathetic listeners and no one else does.

The EQ Dashboard approach allows individuals to learn about the behaviors that matter and how others see those behaviors playing out in relationships in whatever setting.  For a person to learn that others do not experience him or her as an empathetic listener provides a doorway of focus and learning.

Our solution provides the kind of support and development guidance that an emotionally intelligent coach would, and not a judgment based on unreliable data that could entirely misdirect attention on the wrong things.

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