Who are the thought leaders in Emotional Intelligence and EQ?

There are many researchers in the field looking at multiple aspects of emotional intelligence.  Neurologists are looking at neural networks and emotional well being; social psychologists are looking at emotional perspectives and social well-bing; experimental psychologists are testing behavior patterns to discern the relationships among emotional dimensions of the human experience.  Built on this impressive stream of research are a few people who have been in the forefront writing and presenting on the topic. Mayer, Salovey, and Caruso have researched for 30 years.  Their work has produced the MESCEIT (Mayer, Salovey, Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test) and several books:
  1. 1. Emotional Intelligence: Key Readings on the Mayer and Salovey Model
  2. 2. The Wisdom of Feeling: Psychological Processes in Emotional Intelligence
  3. 3. The Emotionally Intelligence Manager
Steven Stein has been working in the EQ arena for 20 years.  His work is tightly connected to the EQ-i Assessment.  His book:  EQ Edge Daniel Goleman has popularized the the topic of emotional intelligence.  He has written or co-written a number of books the most popular continues to be: Emotional Intelligence and Working with Emotional Intelligence. Judy Aanstad, Pamela Corbett, Catherine Jourdan, and Roger Pearman are facilitators, coaches, and writers working with emotional intelligence.  Their work the People Skills Handbook: Action Tips for Improving Your Emotional Intelligence is used all over the world from China to Russia.  Coaches and Leadership Development professionals are using the People Skills Handbook to enrich their work.
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