What is high EQ?

There is debate about value of the measurement of EQ.  Numerous empirical studies reflect that individuals do not accurately evaluate their own interpersonal skills.  For example, individuals tend to think they are more empathetic than observers of their behavior would assess.  There are plenty of EQ assessments that will provide a standard score (e.g. 100) using a normative population.  At best, these self-report tools are indicating how an individual perceives himself or herself as compared to how others perceive themselves.  These tools will provide standard, normative scores which may not be truly reflective of how an individual behaves with others.

Using a multi-rater where others are reporting on the behaviors that show effective use of EQ related skills and perspectives is going to generate a more accurate picture.  In this instance for example, an individual learns how the specific behaviors related to empathy are experienced by others.

As a general statement, when someone is said to have “high EQ” it generally means that they communicate empathetic regard, work with others well, and are emotionally healthy.

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