EQuinox: More Than Just a Celestial Concept

EQuinox? Yes, that’s right the EQuinox is here. It’s traditionally thought of as a celestial milestone, but some of us also celebrate it as an important reminder of our capacity for developing Emotional Intelligence.

The word, “equinox” is from the latin term for equal night, which describes the celestial event when a planets orbital axis lines up to achieve equal periods of day and night. Planets like Earth experience that twice annually.

Learn more about the celestial equinox.

For those of us who teach and study EQ, the celestial balance point that marks Spring and Fall beginning also serves as a reminder of the importance of emotional EQuillibrium. Our quest to recognize, read, and manage our emotions and the emotions of others is an exercise in understanding balance. Indeed balance is a central, persistent theme in all aspects of EQ, making this day a perfect reminder of the prominent place balance occupies in our quest for EQ education.

So happy EQuinox to you, your students, colleagues and coachees.

Pair your teachings this week with a review of EQ competencies like: Situational Awareness, and Perspective Taking.

The September EQuinox this year is on September 22nd. To track the EQuinox, check these links:

September Equinox

March Equinox

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