EQ for Teams. Yes, for Teams.

Do teams have Emotional Intelligence?

Well, not always. And they never get it automatically. But teams can have collective EQ if they work at it.

EQ has traditionally been thought of as an individual measure to gauge the ability of a leader or team member to recognize, read and manage emotions. That tradition is outdated. Now, with EQ Dashboard in your toolkit, EQ can be developed in and for teams. TeamPulse helps get you there faster, and with quantifiable results.

Around the first of each month, many of our customers and partners reach out to share that this is their favorite time of month. TeamPulse week is here. If you haven’t started working with TeamPulse yet, think: micro-surveys that measure, manage and promote team health. As we call it, the EQ of teamwork. Getting started is fast, and painless.

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