EQ Master Class

Two days.

Better teams, better leaders, and a better life.

The makers of EQ Dashboard, and the Leadership Dashboard proudly announce our in depth Emotional Intelligence classroom experience for your teams. Take your team to the next level with our hands on, practical EQ Master Class. Go beyond the introduction to Emotional Intelligence, and start developing EQ into actionable behaviors, skills and strategies that change your leaders, and your teams.


• Practical Emotional Intelligence training

• 16 Hours of Live Classroom Instruction

• Also Includes:

° EQ Agility with 360 processment, 1 year subscription

° Participant Guide

° Certification Credential


• 12 Hours of Group Activities including:

° Specific Leadership Scenarios with Teach backs

° Identify & Own your Triggers

° Peer Coaching Exercise(s)

° EQ Skill Building techniques

Who Should Attend: VP’s, Directors, Managers, Supervisors, new Leaders, and High Potentials

Your Instructor: Craig Robinson, CLO Matrix Insights

When: Partner with us to plan and deliver this event in your organization. Inquire today for full Syllabus and available dates by emailing us at: Sales@matrixinsights.com

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