Charisma, Gravitas and EQ

The enigmatic topics in leadership are charisma and gravitas.The good news is that you can use the clues about how to develop these remarkable attributes.To do so, you have to be willing to step into your EQ discomfort zone. This free webinar sponsored by Matrix Insights and Leadership Performance Systems will give you a window into the magic of developing these qualities through the avenue of emotional intelligence.

Once declared as a gift from the Gods, charisma was seen as a divinely conferred power. Some have said that charisma is the result of a pheromone that certain people emit prompting special attractiveness.

Gravitas is defined as having dignity, seriousness, or solemnity of manner causing feelings of respect and trust, presence.

Both attributes have been written about many times and some researchers have declared these are complex and ineffable qualities which are impossible to define or create.

If you have ever been with a charismatic leader or with a person of gravitas, you knew just how remarkable these “energies” are when demonstrated. So the question becomes, how can we duplicate it? Can we?

We have tremendous curiosity about how to understand and how to develop these attributes and to know how to deploy them.

Synthesizing many reports and writings on these two attributes have enabled me to map the qualities to a series of EQ related competencies that can be learned and used.

Our upcoming webinar, Charisma & Gravitas looks at summaries related to charisma and gravitas, and at the link to the EQ competencies that can be developed.

Please join us for this learning moment.

By Roger Pearman, Ed.D.

Photo by Jason Rosewell on Unsplash

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